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About Us

7th day records is your one stop solution to get your music out to the world. If you have the talent, we have the Equipment and professionally treated rooms to get your aspirations on record.We specialize in producing, mixing and mastering multiple Genres. Apart from recording and mixing we also cater to other requirements of artist. other services like artwork and portfolio designs, Bulk CD printing / Casing are managed too. Also we are equiped with gear for dubbing and video editing. 7th day is owned and managed by Musicians and hence we know when to hit the right chords.Situated in the city of Kalyan our studio has all the gear and a cozy ambience to get your creative juices flowing. 7th day Records was founded by James Manasseh the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Christian Metal band Revelations.
With a view to setting up a record label for upcoming bands and artists, James set out on a journey of his own. Being an accustomed musician himself, he decided to create something that would prevent others from facing the same problems that him & his bandmates faced when they were starting up. This led to the birth of 7th Day Records. In the beginning it was exclusively for the band and at a small scale, but since last 2 years after moving the studio to a different location, it has been catering to various artists from different Genres, Right from Commercial Bollywood sounds to Hardcore Metal. With services ranging from recording, mixing & mastering to CD Replication & Duplication and even Digital Media Distribution, 7th day is indeed a one stop spot for every artist looking to initiate their career. To all of you, from all of us at 7th Day Records - Thank you and see you at the studio!

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